The 7-kilogram minimalist
How to work and travel the world from a single carry-on backpack
For years I've been working remotely and traveling the world with only 1 backpack, weighing 7 kilograms (15.4 lbs).
Sunny beaches, hiking in monsoon rains or snowboarding in snow storms, this is the ultimate packing list.

The 7-kilogram minimalist

While recovering from a severe burn-out I set out to change my life, drastically. The first step was to focus on re-discovering joy and what happiness meant to me, learning to better deal with stress and simplifying life. That 'simplifying my life'-part, included getting rid of a gigantic pile of stuff. Three large moving trucks full of stuff to be precise. It took me years of experimenting before I exchanged my cluttered life for a extremely simplified version. The freedom and flexibility of not having to worry about things is unbelievably liberating. Eventually my journey into minimalism resulted in having my whole life in a single backpack. Ready to go wherever life takes me.

The 7-kilogram limit

To me idea of being able to just catch any last minute airplane, boat or bus was fascinating. Doing so by dragging big suitcases along the way seemed very cumbersome. So I set out to reduce everything I have to fit in carry-on baggage only. Looking at the baggage carry-on limits,
7 kilograms will allow you to travel with most airlines around the world. From there, the challenge to fit my whole life in a 7-kilogram backpack was born.

The Rules

  1. The backpack and contents can not weigh more than 7-kilograms
  2. The things you are wearing are not included in the 7-kilograms
  3. You need to be able to live full time from the contents of your backpack

To share what I've learned along the way I wrote down my theory behind my ultimate packing list.

Have a family? We managed to fit all our (3-person) family belongings in two 7-kilogram backpacks, totalling 14-kilograms (30.8 lbs), and explored the world continuously for years.